WordPress vs Blogger vs Tumblr – Which blogging platform is better?

Did countless searches of “wordpress vs blogger vs tumblr”, but still not sure which blogging platform to use?

If you are one of those people who are starting out in the niche of blogging, then you have most surely searched “wordpress vs blogger vs tumblr” with the disappointment to see the diverse opinions.

In this guide, I will show you the honest reviews on the aformentioned services along with their pros / cons. Let’s get started!

WordPress vs Blogger vs Tumblr

(Coutesy: Digitaltrends) WordPress vs Blogger vs Tumblr

(Coutesy: Digitaltrends) WordPress vs Blogger vs Tumblr

Please note that I recommend only those services which I personally use and enjoy.

Blogger (Free)


Google’s Blogger is the oldest blogging platform, In fact, this is where the term “blogging” started to popularize. It allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It is one of the simplest blogging platforms.


  1. Every feature is free (HTML/CSS customization, themes, etc.), and a custom domain can be bought whenever you want.
  2. It provides the layout system, you can easily change the layouts (i.e, sidebars) without modifying the code.
  3. You can create a text posts oriented blog with it very cheaply as it costs only around $10-$40 per year with custom domain.
Dashboard of Blogger

Dashboard of Blogger


  1. Very outdated. Lack intuition.
  2. Lacks advanced options in the text editor, so you resort to using HTML tags.
  3. HTML/CSS is extremely hard to modify due to heavy use of templates.
  4. Lack plugins, so you cannot expand the functionalities in it.
  5. It cannot be installed on your web server, so you are bound to use only those features which provided by Blogger.

WordPress (Quite expensive)


WordPress is the most advanced blogging platform and provides the maximum raw power. The most powerful feature in WordPress is the plugin support through which you can extend the functionalities in your blog through plugins which are written in PHP programming language. WordPress provides a plugin directory, which has tons of free and premium plugins. We have previously written on how it is a viable solution for serious bloggers.


  1. Provides the maximum flexibility through plugins.
  2. Extremely great support through community. Considered the choice of serious bloggers.
  3. The source code is available to public, so you can even modify it all together.
  4. You can do anything with it, as long as you know how to do it.
Dashboard of WordPress

Dashboard of WordPress


  1. Very costly; you need to spend your money in buying the hosting / domain, and may also need to buy themes and plugins of your choice.
  2. Very hard to master its development. You require assistance in many stages of your blogging.

Tumblr (Free, premium themes available)


Tumblr is the middle-way between Blogger and WordPress. It is the most simplest form of blogging. It integrates social network features as well, such as the ability to re-blog (share) posts, like the posts, tags to find similar content, etc. We have previously written a guide to get a custom domain on Tumblr.


  1. Most simplest way to do blogging. You can start blogging right away with this platform.
  2. Like Blogger, it supports HTML customization, so you can customize your theme to your needs.
  3. Unlike Blogger, it’s easy to customize the theme.
Dashboard of Tumblr

Dashboard of Tumblr


  1. It greatly trades the simplicity with such power that it lacks several useful blogging features like layouts.
  2. Although it provides HTML/CSS customization, but you will keep spending your time trying to figure out how you can do something, because it’s tedious to add a feature.
  3. Premium themes cost around $9-$100 and don’t always satisfy your needs.


The requirements of every person is different and it is true in choosing the right blogging platform as well.

You should only choose such platform which is sufficient for your case.

If you are very serious in blogging, then go for WordPress (self-hosted), else choose Blogger if your posts are only text oriented, otherwise choose Tumblr if you want the simple blogging platform as well as social media network.

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