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€3.95 Per month for










          • - Uptime server of 99.9%
          • - Great Customer Support
          • - Best cloud servers
          • - Short periods of downtime
          • - Great protection


          • - Limited disk space
          • - Price higher than others

          This is our honest review on the services of Siteground. We only recommend those products which we personally use and enjoy.

          If you are one of those start-up companies who are interested in creating their websites to increase their online presence, then chances are you often find yourself in a confusion or a block while deciding the best hosting service provider you need for your website. It makes sense, and we sympathize with your situation, because there are the countless providers on the internet, and all are claiming to provide better services with confidence (every provider can’t be good!).

          Even if you already own a website, at some time, you may need to change your servers for your website due to increased traffic and demand of your website. This further assures you of your successfull online marketing. Today’s fast advancing technology allows anyone to reach and expand their interests whether for personal or business (even politicans have started using a website!).

          Getting a web hosting plan and setting a website is very vital task and takes A LOT of consideration. For instance, you need to think about the best value for your money, the tools and services that you need to set up your online presence or expanding your existing site. You need to look into the plan’s flexibility, functionality and customer service support.

          In this article, we are going to review SiteGround’s entire feature. We hope that you find it useful, but nevertheless we allow comments on our website, so what are you waiting for?

          Our Video Review – Why use Siteground for hosting your website?

          We felt the need to create a video to review on the services of Siteground. If you have any question about it, then ask in the comments section below!

          Our Review of SiteGround

          SiteGround is known to be the most reliable, fast and secure web hosting provider.  It’s the sole reason why most people choose them over the other well-known brands.

          Let’s have a quick look at their background.


          The company started 11 years ago, founded by some smart and young university friends namely Tenko Nikolov the mastermind, Reneta Tsankova, the soul giver and Nikolay Todorov the tech magician. The amazing skills and passion of these three made SiteGround the best provider.  siteground

          They are located in Panama City where they have 3 magnificent data servers in three areas, specifically Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. This gives you the chance to choose the nearest place to host your site, resulting in the increase of performance of your website. Their goal is always to be the top firm in the industry, and they did become one of the best, if not the most best.  As of today, the company now has millions of satisfied customers, and they host over 320 thousand domains around the globe and still increasing. Recently, they have been recommended on the Google blog for having the latest equipment.

          The secret to their success is that, they give their utmost attention to make their client’s website safer, better supported and faster. SiteGround offers shared hosting, dedicated server and cloud hosting like most companies out there. When you decide to subscribe, they will provide you with free domain names with 99.9% uptime and an approachable customer support that is readily available to answer your queries 24/7. I am really confident that the company will continue to be the best provider.

          So, I went through with my own checklist. I also even tried the services of other brands. But unfortunately, it didn’t help me with my business. Fortunately, I was able to run into SiteGround and got satisfied with their services. There may be downtimes, but not for long.

          SiteGround offers three different plans for their shared web hosting. That is the Startup, GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

          Startup plan

          The name tells it all, StartUp plan is intended to those people who are just planning to start up with their business’s website. This plan is really perfect for beginners and also compatible with standard traffic websites. There are a lot of properties that will help your website grow without downtimes.

          Special discounted price starts at $3.95 a month

          Inclusive of:

          • 10GB Web Space siteground web hosting
          • One Website
          • Essential Hosting Features Included In StartUp & All Other Plans
          • Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
          • All Important Features
          • cPanel & SSH Access
          • Free Domain Name
          • Free Setup & Transfer
          • 24/7 Technical Support
          • Free Daily Backup
          • Free CloudFlare CDN
          • Unlimited Traffic, Emails, DBs
          • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
          • Money back guarantee of 30 days

          Grow big plan

          This plan is going to meet with all of your website needs. This is also particularly designed to those businessmen who want to host multiple website in just one account. The name of the plan explains it all, it is the best choice for those websites that have heavy traffic load.

          Special discounted price of $7.95 only.

          Inclusive of:

          • Two or more Websites
          • 20GB Web Space
          • Appropriate for 25,000 visits monthly
          • Has all important features
          • Finest features
          • Grow big also contains the entire Start Up plan features plus the following exceptional features such as:
          • Premium technical and customer support where tickets are responded ASAP.
          • Exceptional speed
          • Best security since it backs up 30 copies of your website
          • Unlimited Website
          • One year free SSL certificate is counted in
          • Finest Joomla and WordPress

          Lastly, the Go Geek plan

          This plan is recommended for people who look for a web hosting service that will serve their heavy traffic website without downtimes. Go geek will be your best option to boost the performance of your website.  This plan is designed just for you and for businesses with resource-intensive websites. It is a good idea to seek a Siteground review about this plan.

          Special discounted price starts at $14.95 a month.

          Inclusive of:

          • Start Up plus Grow big plan features plus the amazing geeky feats:
          • Multiple available websites
          • 30GB Web Space
          • Meets 100,000 visits monthly
          • All Vital Features
          • Finest Features
          • Geeky Innovative Features
          • Geeky Hardware
          • Geeky E-Commerce tools
          • Geeky Performance Tools

          These plans are undeniably incredible. The price of their plans is also reasonable. You just have to choose the best plan that can suit your business needs.

          I am currently subscribed to their Grow big plan since I just want to host multiple websites in one account. And it wasn’t a surprise for me because I know SiteGround is the best.

          Cloud Hosting Plans

          SiteGround is also offering the best cloud servers in four specific levels to meet with your website’s need. The company’s cloud plans are transforming with Innovative server monitoring. They are also providing optimizations and some auto updates for Joomla and WordPress applications. Lastly, they provide a full managed hosting service that includes a 24/7 customer support.

          Cloud hosting features include: content storage, daily back up and advance monitoring for reliability, Universal data center, Joomla optimization and Boost performance option for speed and a 24/7 customer support, fully managed service for easy management.

          To sum this all up, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of SiteGround.


          The company’s uptime server of 99.9% is simply remarkable. I can tell since I am using their Grow big plan. I am still satisfied with their services. It’s normal for a web hosting firm to have downtimes but as what I’ve experienced with SiteGround, they only have short periods of downtime. Their 99.9 percent up time guarantee is true compared to other brands.

          I really enjoyed their limited websites for one account without slowing down. This is one of their advantages. I can also guarantee that they are doing their best to protect all of their client’s websites. A Siteground review will surely enlighten your thoughts about Siteground.

          I can give a rate of 8 out of 10 to their friendly customer support rep. They can resolve your problem in just a snap. They can handle the client’s entire problem.


          Their disc space for me is still not enough. They should’ve offer bigger disc space storage since most consumers seek more.

          You get what you pay for. If you are out of budget, you will just stick to the start-up plan forever. It’s a good thing though that they are now offering their plan in a cheaper price.

          Final Thoughts

          Siteground is arguably one of the best hosting providers, because of its unique packages, 99.9% uptime and their one of the best customer support.

          Any question? Ask us and we will help!


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          I am using siteground for almost 5 years and I feel that it is still the best hosting provider. I highly recommend that you subscribe to any of SiteGround’s plan. I’ll give them a 9 out of 10 rating.

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