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Site5 Coupons

Most companies give several plans and packages that will cater to every customers’ needs. Hosting providers have designed their plans to be flexible whether for personal, small businesses or even for huge companies. Depending on what type of plan, the prices of each vary because of the features included. And the more extensive the features of each plan, the more costly it is. Site5 offers coupons so that you can use to get great discounts from their plans. site5-shared-hosting-offer

Site5 Company

Site5 is founded in 1999 by Matt Lightner and Rod Armstrong with the philosophy in mind that it should be fun, easy, accessible and reliable. Since then, they have been working closely with the company

Site5 presently has 121 team members. They work round the clock for seven days to make sure that the their servers are running perfectly.

Top Features of Site5

Site5 offers shared web hosting services, cloud web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud reseller hosting, fully managed VPS, unmanaged VPS and cloud VPS. Each type of web hosting plan has different packages depending on your needs. You can go through their website to learn more about their plans and packages. For now, here are some of the noticeable features that makes Site5 one of the top hosting service provider. site5

1. Multiple Geographical Locations. Site 5 has several servers all around the world. You can choose the server that is nearest to your location. Management is a lot easier and the load times are faster. If you are an existing customer, you can have your present shared, reseller or VPS hosting plans migrated for a one-time fee. Just submit a request to change your server location

2. No Overloaded Servers. Because of their multiple servers are geographically worldwide, Site5 guarantees the most reliable performance. They do not cram many accounts on shared servers. They are also continually upgrading their hardware platforms to be the best in the industry.

3. Website Control Panel. Site5’s control panel is very easy to use. With no difficulty, you can understand how to navigate through the control panel. This gives you full control over your website and manage it according to your preference.

4. Specific Deals. Site5’s products are grouped in to four main categories. You can simply choose from any of those categories and then look at the different plans in each. Unlike other companies, it is easier to scan through Site5’s list of features because it is summarized neatly in their website.

5. Customer Service. Most companies need to improve in this area of their services. But with Site5, their customer support is always active. They provide 24/7 customer service and their technical support is always online anytime of the day. Their representatives are well-informed and can immediately answer your queries via live chat support, email and phone call. They also have knowledge based information alongside with their FAQs and Emergency Status page.

Disadvantages of Site5

Site5 undoubtedly has comprehensive plans plus their excellent customer service is a major advantage. However, other top companies may have an advantage over Site5 on the following aspect:

1. Price. Compared to other leading companies, Site5’s products and services are more expensive. We can attribute this to their speed and reliable plans and their multiple server locations. Hence, in order to get discounts from Site5, use the coupon codes above.

2. Refund Policy. Other companies’ money back guarantee are far more attractive than Site5’s. Site5’s return policy is limited depending on the type of plan. They offer two kinds of money back guarantee: a 45-day or a 15-day. Both applies to specific plans only. This is however, clearly stated in their refund policy. Moreover, their money back guarantee does not apply to domain name registrations, transfers, renewals, semi-dedicated or unmanaged/managed dedicated services.

Money Back Guarantee

Site5 wants to give the best services and deals to all its clients. They are committed to deliver utmost quality. For this reason, Site5 offers their unsatisfied customers a full refund within 45 days from signing up. This guarantee applies to the following services only:

• Shared Web Hosting
• Shared Cloud Web Hosting
• Reseller Hosting
• Reseller Hosting

On the other hand, they offer only a 15 day money back guaranteed to their Managed VPS Hosting, Unmanaged VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS hosting .

Uptime Guarantee

Site5 gives their client guarantees to give a pro-rated credit for the time that your server is not available within a given month. However, downtime does not usually happen with Site5. This is just a very rare issue with Site5 since they make sure that their servers are 99.9% on the go. This is why, Site5 boasts of their reliability. Their Uptime guarantee though is not applicable to unmanaged VPS or unmanaged dedicates servers.

6 Hour Response Guarantee

In addition to the common money-back and uptime guarantees, Site5 offers a 6-hour Response Guarantee. This guarantee assures their customers that they will be attended to immediately. They guarantee their clients to receive a response within six hours. The six-hour time period does not mean though that you will have to wait for six hours before you receive a response from them. If, within 6 hours, you will not receive a response from them, you will be given a $1 credit per ticket that you send.

Customer Service Support

Although Site5 is aware of the savings that one company can have with outsourced support, they prefer to have their customer support service in-house. They want to avoid unanswerable queries and misunderstandings due to failure in communication. For fourteen years, Site5 has grown dedicated staff members, trained in-house employees to answer their customers’ concern.

Free Migration

Site5 makes it easy for their customers to transfer their website files and databases from their old accounts to their new Site5 account. You can simply request your migration via Backstage once your order is activated. They will migrate up to 25 control panel accounts or up to 10 non-cPanel accounts (website files and MySQL databases only) free of charge for their services.

Green Hosting

Site5 is proud to be environmentally responsible. They are conscious about the impact of energy on the environment. They work with several organizations in response to this responsibility. Site5 involves in tree planting to balance the carbon output. They use their energy with Renewable Energy Certificates.

Siite5 Special Offers

Site5 offers a coupon for you to experience a free trial on their reseller and cloud plans. On the other hand, you can test their Managed VPS2 plan for just $1 on the first month. Use the coupon code above and avail of special discounts from Site5 products and services.

Site5’s Verdict

Site5 is truly a reliable hosting service provider. They are the most experienced web hosting company having been established in 1999. Their customer service support is excellent. Their representatives are very well informed and courteous. Plus their 6-hour response guarantee shows their customers their sincerity to give the quality service. Their plans are extensive with almost everything that you need.

However, Site5’s is more expensive than other providers. Plus their money back guarantees and uptime guarantee are only limited to certain plans. You need to carefully read their terms and guarantees to avoid misunderstanding their promotions. has 4,9/5 stars based upon 2513 For best hosting Reviews