How to embed a Search Engine on your Website

In general, people utilize search engines for shopping, entertainment, business, and research. They use it to find answers to their questions. Some rely on it for decision-making purposes.  Businessmen or a company who owns a website uses search engines to know their competitors and to search for possible clients. They put a search engine so that customers will easily find what they are looking for in the website.

Search engines are not just intended only for research. It is also used for shopping and business purposes since it provide a convenient way for customers to shop, find great deals, products and discounts.

If your business’ website still doesn’t have search engine, now is the time to add it on. Below are some of the simplest ways on how to put a search engine on your website.

  1. Install a search engine script

Before you can add a search engine in your website, make sure to install first a Perl or PHP search engine script. There are a lot of free engine scripts available online. There are two types of scripts; one is responsible in searching your entire website every time the visitors use the engine. While the other script, searches only the index when the visitor uses the engine. search engine script

Advantages of installing search engine scripts:

  • No third party promotions except the things that come from your web host provider.
  • Re-indexing your site as long as you want since it doesn’t increase the bandwidth
  • Customize your results page


  • A need of a PHP and Perl support on your server
  • A search engine scripts need more arrangement and configuration than response
  1. Utilizing free and online search engine service

If you find it difficult to install scripts, you can use free and online search engine service. There are a lot of free search engine services online. This is intended for those people who want a hassle-free engine.

Advantages of using online search engine services:

  • You do not need to install Perl or PHP scripts on your website.
  • Hassle-free services
  • HTML code is automatically provided to you 


  • Most online search engine scripts carry out unwanted third party banner and advertising.
  • The URL shown to your visitor’s browser will not be your website’s URL but from the search engine service site.
  • Limited access in customizing search results page
  • Limited access to re-indexing the site
  1. Use of main search engines such as Google major search engine

If you don’t want to install and use all scripts and online search engines, use the major search engine like Google for free. You just have to visit at and fill up the form.

Although it is the most convenient search engine, it contains some disadvantages such as:

  • Re-indexing the website is more limited
  • You do not have the control over the results since the search engine has its own format
  • They have the power to discontinue your service


Putting or Adding a search engine on your website will allow clients to search things on your page. They will feel that your website is rendering a great and useful service. Yes there are a lot of free search engines online, but you really need to be watchful since it will affect your website. has 4,9/5 stars based upon 2513 For best hosting Reviews