Posting on WordPress 101 – A Beginners Guide

Posts are imperative to the success of your blog. By default, posts are arranged from the newest to the oldest. But if you are just starting off, this task might be frustrating. We know, and we’ve dealt that part so you won’t. We will provide you with WordPress lessons. There are several ways to post, but this article will show you the easiest route.

Posting Steps:

  1. Log in to WordPress Admin Panel. wordpress login
  2. Click the “New Posts” button on the right side of the toolbar. new post
  3. Using the drop-down menu, select which website or blog you’d like to publish the post.
  4. Select what type of post you want to publish: Text, Photo, Video, Quote, or Link. If you want to include multiple images in your post, or just have text-only content, use the “Write A Post” button. If you want to post a single photo, then select “Post a Photo.”

Note: Click on the Text Formatting Tab on the upper right, to enable text format.

  1. Once done, click “Publish Post.” publish

After each successful post, you can always review your post for any inaccuracies. If in case you find something wrong with the posts, you can always edit.

Editing Posts Steps

You can always go back and make changes to the mistakes on your posts, whether it’s done or in drafts, by doing the following:

  1. Go to “Posts” tab and, then to “All Posts” section. all post
  2. A list of all your posts will show up. Select the post you want to edit and click “Edit”. edit
  3. In the dashboard editor section, you can now do the necessary changes.
  4. If you want to delete, just select “Trash” under the name of the post.

Tips on Improving Posts

No matter how good your content is, if it has low traffic then, chances are that post would not be viewed by many which will defeat the purpose of publishing it. WordPress lessons will teach you the proper way to increase the quality of your posts. Here is a couple of tips to maximize the likelihood of getting many visitors:

* Use A WP SEO Plugin

Several WP plugins exist that will help optimize your post: Scribe, WP SEO, Inbounds Writer, etc to name a few. What this plugin does is that it analyzes your post and will tell whether or not it is optimized. It can also determined areas to improve upon.

* Think hard on what Keywords to Use

If you are using important keywords, but is writing poor content, then you will be left ranked at the bottom. So better to find ways to get links from many places on the web to get higher rankings.

* Use Keywords in your page name

If you want to rank for beauty tips on your post. So, instead of wiring your page name as:

Better write it this way:

Search engines target keywords found on their name page. These are just some of the WordPress lessons you can learn here. Next time we’ll discuss how to increase your traffic. has 4,9/5 stars based upon 2513 For best hosting Reviews