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          • - Affordable package plans
          • - Dedicated IPs to all clients
          • -  99.9% uptime reliable server
          • - Well-trained customer service
          • - 100% money back guarantee


          • - Complicated control panel
          • - Less customer security coverage

          Detailed On Screen IX Webhosting Review


          It is always a good start to have an overview about the business. Frequently, this can help you tell whether the hosting firm has the essential experience, stability and knowledge to offer the best service to meet your website’s needs

          IXwebhosting started their first hosting support in 1999 in a small living room. As of today, they are giving hosting services to more than 100 thousand clients and run thousands and thousands of websites. They are also known to provide support to Windows and Linux hosting. The company’s main goal is to provide the best and excellent, unique and personalized customer support in the hosting industry.  You can find an IX Webhosting Review on the internet which tells more about the company and its services.ix-web-hosting

          Luckily, they were considered by many as one of the best webhosting firm that offers very affordable and reliable services. According to them, they were also able to achieve and meet the standards of their clients since they have their own data centres and skilled employees and support.

          They assure their customers that their hosted sites are secured and not hacked easily by offering three kinds of services: monitoring against blacklists, discovering malicious content, instant problems remediating.

          Now that we already know about their missions and goals, let’s discuss the IXwebhosting Plans and rates.

          The company offers three different types of plans specifically: shared hosting plans, cloud hosting and VPS hosting plans. Their shared hosting plan is available in three levels of service: The expert hosting plan, unlimited pro and business plus.

          Expert hosting plan starts at $6.95 but they recently offer a discounted and special price for only $3.95 a month. It includes:

          • Unlimited Bandwidth
          • Unlimited Disc space
          • Hosted Domains
          • 1 free domain registration
          • Up to two dedicated Ips

          Unlimited Pro hosting regular price was $12.95. This is the most popular plan that most clients apply. This year, they wanted to make their clients happy. So they offer a special price of $7.95 a month. It includes:

          • Unlimited Bandwidths
          • Unlimited Disc spaces
          • Unlimited Hosted domains
          • 3 free domain registrations
          • Up to 15 dedicated Ips
          • 24/7 available customer and technical support representatives

          Business plus plan starts at $9.95 a month with a special discounted price of $7.95. The price of this plan is similar to Unlimited plus but with fewer inclusive. It comes with:

          • Unlimited Bandwidths
          • Unlimited Disc spaces
          • Unlimited Hosted domains
          • 2 free domain registrations
          • Up to 3 dedicated Ips

          They also have Virtual Private server packages. But the cost is a little bit pricy. They have a VPS for both Linux and Windows.  I prefer having a VPS since it allows me to control and manage my own server.

          FOR LINUX:

          X4 Linux original package price was $74.95. Then they lowered it down to $54.95 a month to make it more obtainable to customers.  It includes unlimited hosted domains, burstable RAM and complete root and admin access.

          Other inclusions:

          • 4xCPU Cores
          • 768 MB Guaranteed RAM
          • 1500 GB Data Transfer
          • 50 GB Storage
          • 2 Dedicated IPs
          • cPanel and Plesk Choice of Control Panel

          X8 Linux price start at $97.95 with a discounted price of $89.95 per month.  It has the same inclusions with X4 plan.

          Other inclusions:

          • 8xCPU Cores
          • 2048MB Guaranteed RAM
          • 2000GB Data Transfer
          • 100GB Storage
          • 2Dedicated IPs
          • cPanel and Plesk Choice of Control Panel

          FOR WINDOWS:

          X4 price starts at $89.95 with a discounted price of $69.95. Clients prefer this plan since there are no other cheaper VPS windows plans.  Same with Linux, it also includes an unlimited hosted domains, burstable RAM and complete root and admin access.

          • 4xCPU Cores
          • 768MB Guaranteed RAM
          • 1500GB Data Transfer
          • 50GB Storage
          • 2 Dedicated IPs
          • 10 Plesk and a Control Panel upon request

          X8 windows is the most expensive IXwebhosting plan. The original price was $112.95. But unfortunately, the discounted price is still expensive since it cost $112.95 a month. Both of them have the same inclusions.

          They also offer and provide three levels of public cloud server hosting.

          Professional                                      Business                                              Corporate

          2x CPU Cores                                     2x CPU Cores                                     4x CPU Cores

          1 GB Guaranteed RAM                  4 GB Guaranteed RAM                  4 GB Guaranteed RAM

          300 GB  Data Transfer                     900 GB  Data Transfer                     1,500 GB Data Transfer

          20 GB SAN Storage                          60 GB SAN Storage                          150 GB SAN Storage

          2 Dedicated IP                                   2 Dedicated IP                                   2 Dedicated IP

          $99.99/mo promo rate                    $174.99/mo promo rate                $249.99/mo promo rate

          $160.35/mo original rate               $246.55/mo original rate               $319.50/mo original rate

          Control Panel

          In my personal experience with their control panel services, I can truly say that this will not be easy for newbies since it’s not user-friendly.

          IX Webhosting customer support

          Just like any other hosting firm, IXwebhosting provides excellent support to their clients via e-mail, phone and live chat. One thing I like about their support is that whenever you sign up and apply to any plans, the company will immediately provide a personal support rep to assist you.

          I’ll give them a score of 7.9 out of 10. Their customer reps are indeed skilled and equipped. But sometimes, some support reps lacks courtesy and doesn’t do their job well. IX Webhosting Review tells about how they treat their customers with quality and effeciency.

          Advantages and disadvantages of IX webhosting

          Advantages: IX_web_hosting

          • Reasonable and affordable package plans
          • They offer dedicated IPs to all clients
          • 9% uptime reliable server guarantee
          • Skilled and well-trained customer service support representatives
          • If you are not satisfied with their services, they will immediately offer 100% money back guarantee.


          • They claim that they provide security to all their clients’ website. But unfortunately, they don’t.
          • Their control panel is complicated


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          If you have limited budget on hand and if you want to have a well-developed website, then choosing IXwebhosting services is a good choice. But I will not recommend their service to people who are new to hosting services. Make sure you see an IX Webhosting Review to guide you. I will give them a score of 8 out of 10 since they have a very affordable hosting service rates that comes with remarkable features.

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