How to install a WordPress plugin – Manually and through WordPress itself

Being able to install WordPress plugins is a task that everyone using WordPress should master. Plugins are the reason WordPress is so widely used with over tens of thousands of plugins, they’re the piece of codes which bring your website to life.

From installing a world known anti-spam tool like Akismet to replacing the default WordPress commenting system with the powerful Disqus comment system, WordPress plugins can do much more, a common example includes editing any font on WordPress, wherever it might be.

So without spending too much time, let’s get started on installing a WordPress plugin. There’s two methods that everyone can use.

Manually uploading and installing WordPress plugins

There’s many different websites out there that you can get plugins from and WordPress’ own plugins directory is one of them. There are also websites such as CodeCanyon where paid plugins can be acquired from.

To install a plugin after downloading it, follow these steps.

After getting to the dashboard by following the steps similar to those in our guide on “How to edit a WordPress theme“, hover over the Plugins button on the left sidebar and a menu will pop up besides it, click “Add New” to get to the next page.

WordPress Add new plugin


Click on the Upload Plugin button next to the heading at the top left, besides the sidebar.

WordPress - Installing a plugin


Click the browse button and select the .zip file you received from the plugin provider. Afterwards, click the Install plugin button. Here we install WordPress Jetpack v3.3.1 if for some reason you’re unable to install it directly via your website.

WordPress - Browsing for a plugin

After the upload is completed, you can click the “Activate the plugin” button to activate the installed plugin right away or you can choose to do so at a later date by choose the “Return to plugins page” option.

WordPress - Activating WordPress plugin

Installing a plugin through WordPress

Follow the same steps and make your way to the Add New plugin page by using the menu on the left side of your dashboard.

WordPress Add new plugin


Simply search for the required plugin by using the Search option in the top right corner of the Add new plugins page. We’re going to search for “Google XML Sitemaps” which is a powerful sitemap builder for WordPress sites.

WordPress - Searching for plugin

After finding the correct plugin from the list, simply click the Install Now button and press Ok if a notification pops up.

WordPress - Installing plugin


Simply choose between the options you’re given of whether or not to activate the plugin immediately.

WordPress - Activating plugin

The reason plugins are important

WordPress plugins are one of the major reasons that WordPress itself is considered to be one of the most powerful framework for putting a website on the internet as soon as possible.

The vast range or plugins to choose form; both free and paid ones, the features that they provide to website administrators and the mere amount of simplicity they add to the art of making websites is simply breathtaking.

From simply changing fonts on your website to making XML sitemaps automatically while also being able to run shopping carts if you’re interested in running a business on your WordPress site, WordPress plugins are remarkable in what they do and they deserve every bit of praise they get. has 4,9/5 stars based upon 2513 For best hosting Reviews