How to add Disqus to WordPress – A better and improved comment system

Disqus is one of the most powerful replacements to WordPress’ own commenting system. The default WordPress framework is still an amazing tool for commenting and discussion but it doesn’t allow the functionality that many other websites on the internet have.

Disqus is widely used as a common replacement. It’s able to import all the comments from your WordPress’ website from the moment you install it; which is a common concern among new users. Therefore no comments are lost upon switching to Disqus while also preserving usernames of the various commenters.

Here are just a few advantages that Disqus provides to its users.

  1. A powerful anti-spam engine, nullifying the need to install further plugins on your WordPress such as Akismet.
  2. Nested comments, discussions and the ability to vote on comments.
  3. You can order comments according to the number of positive votes they have or by the date they were created.
  4. Disqus provides multiple themes for their website’s default interface allowing you to switch actively between dark and light schemes without changing much in the raw HTML code.
  5. Disqus allows you to place paid advertisements along with your comments. These advertisements are simply “sponsored” discussions and don’t ruin a website’s immersion at all.
  6. Users can log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your own WordPress website and more.

So let’s go through the installation process.

Getting an account on Disqus

Go to Disqus’ website and click the Sign Up button at the top right corner.

Disqus Website

Disqus registration form

Fill in the registration form and submit it. You should have an email on the address you used to sign up with; there should be a link in it which will let you confirm your email address. This is a very important to do.

Add Disqus to your website

Once you’re done with the sign up process simply click the “Add Disqus to your site” button found on the main page.

WordPress - add site to Disqus

You’ll find yourself on this page. Simply fill it up and select a category for your website.

Installing the Disqus plugin

Go to your dashboard and hover over the plugin option on the left sidebar. A menu will pop up on the left side; click the Add new button and you’ll find yourself on the “add new plugin” page.

WordPress Add new plugin

Search for Disqus in the search bar to the right.

WordPress - Search for Disqus

Simply click Install now next to the Disqus Comment System plugin

WordPress - Install Disqus

Activate the plugin.

WordPress - Activate disqus

Another way to install Disqus is by downloading it directly from WordPress’ plugin directory; the link to the plugin page can be found over here, simply follow it and click the download button to get the .zip file. Instructions on how to install from a .zip file are given in our guide “How to install WordPress plugins

Activating Disqus

WordPress - Disqus comment system

After activating the plugin, you’ll notice that if you hover over the “comments” option in the dashboard sidebar, you’ll see “Disqus” as one of the options. Simply click it.

WordPress - Login to disqus

Enter the username and password for your Disqus account. (Not your WordPress account, if for some reason you got here because you forgot your WordPress password, go here for instructions on how to change it)

WordPress - Select disqus website

Select the website you’re activating Disqus on. One Disqus account can be connected to several websites therefore make sure you select the correct when if you’ve already installed Disqus on another website with your account.

WordPress - Disqus website added

WordPress - Disqus moderation panel

You can choose to continue forward to the moderation dashboard, which will take you to Disqus’ website where you can change various settings, assigns users and much more.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed Disqus on your website, if you’re not interested in replacing the default WordPress experience, do take a look at our tutorial regarding Akismet as it’s the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress which is available for everyone. has 4,9/5 stars based upon 2513 For best hosting Reviews