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          • - Affordable Pricing
          • - 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
          • - Easy to Use CPanel
          • - Green Hosting


          • - 24/7 Customer Service but needs faster response time

          This is our honest review on the services of HostGator. We only recommend those products which we personally use and enjoy.

          Whether you are planning to establish a new business, or you already have one or planning to expand it, you may need to create your own page or website to market your brand online. This is very necessary in this growing world. Today’s fast advancing technology allows anyone to reach and expand their interests whether for personal or business.

          Getting a web hosting plan and setting a website is very vital task and takes A LOT of consideration. For instance, you need to think about the best value for your money, the tools and services that you need to set up your online presence or expanding your existing site. You need to look into the plan’s flexibility, functionality and customer service support.

          Almost all web hosting companies say they offer the most affordable, the best deals and the highest quality customer services for your needs.  But what makes HostGator above the others? For starters their their 30% OFF Hostgator Coupon which makes the it extremely affordable.

          Our Video Review – Why use HostGator for hosting your website?

          We felt the need to create a video to review on the services of HostGator. If you have any question about it, then ask in the comments section below!


          Let us first take a look at the background of Hostgator.

          Hostgator was founded in 2002 and since then have grown from a small company into a world leading hosting provider with more than 12,000 servers. Over 8 million websites are now entrusted to Hostgator. They have world class data centers that contain top of the line technology to guarantee that servers stay cool, secure and up at all times.

          Hostgator innovates their products and services to match their customers’ needs for their businesses. They have clients ranging from freelancers to big companies. Hostgator has features that cater to both people who are creating their first website and those who currently have their own. hostgator webhosting

          A Review of the Hostgator

          Hostgator guarantees its services to be easy, accessible and affordable. Among of the products and services they offer are: Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. Their plans comes in three affordable packages. Each three packages provide unlimited features.

          Hatchling plan – Starting at $3.96/month, this plan offers a single domain with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. It also has shared SSL Certificate.

          Baby plan- Priced at $6.36/month, the Baby plan has unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth. It too has shared SSL certificate.

          Business plan – With Hostgator’s business plan, for only $10.36/month, you can get unlimited international domains, disk space, bandwidth plus free Private SSL and IP address, including a free Toll Free number.

          Note that you can get 30% OFF any plan by using the Hostgator Coupon: EYEOFTHEGATOR

          Other Hostgator products and services

          Hostgator has other products and services that are at par with other providers by their wide range of plans that are suited for every customer’s need. Their plans include Reseller Plan, VPS Linux Plan, and Dedicated Server.

          Their Reseller Web Hosting Plan can help you make money with your own business. It has different inexpensive packages which make it easy for you to start your company.

          Their VPS Hosting can be customized to suit the customers’ needs. It can be upgraded anytime if you need to. A cPanel is also available for the VPS plan. So if you are expecting to have high-traffic volumes, or if have specific compliance requirements, Hostgator’s VPS Hosting plans are good options to consider.

          Hostgator’s Dedicated Server is very reliable especially for your growing business. It has a credible level of security, with high speed and uptime. Furthermore, Hostgator allows you to upgrade your plan at anytime to suit your business needs.

          Money Back Guarantee

          In terms of money back guarantees, Hostgator does better than most of its competitors, offering a 45-day guarantee. This is something we thought was extremely important for this hostgator review.

           Hostgator Features we have reviewed:

          Getting started with Hostgator somehow will take you some time get acquainted to their interface. Nevertheless, their cPanel is arranged well. You can access the shortcuts conveniently since they are already categorized according to importance.

          Picture gallery software, social networking, blogs, forums, eCommerce and CMS options are all included in the cPanel menu options. Unlike other providers, Hostgator does not offer WordPress hosting. However, they have a QuickInstall menu that includes dozens of software applications including WordPress, prestaShi and Drupal 7. They also have included a SiteBuilder application to help you design your website. You can also sign up with Attracta through your control panel for seach engine optimization. Hostgator offers a comprehensive set of webmaster tools that help you set up your website.

          I find it also helpful and convenient that they included update announcements in their cPanels.

          At the start, it may take a few minutes for you to learn your way around since as stated earlier, it will take some time for you to get acquainted with their interface.

          Most providers limit allowance for MySQL databases and POP3 email accounts. However, with Hostgator both programs are unlimited, providing major advantage and benefit for anyone with a growing business and plans to build large websites.

          Green Hosting

          Hostgator is proud to be an environmentally conscious company that invests in renewable energy resources. They rely on wind energy to power and cool their servers. Truly, Hostgator has a deep care and concern for the environment.

          Customer Service Support hostgator

          Among the important things to consider in getting a provider is their customer service support. Truly, in this way you can measure how quickly they can respond to your needs. On Hostgator’s website, you read the frequently ask questions and browse through the user forums and view video tutorials.

          Their technical support can be contacted through email, live chat or toll-free telephone. Having this support is very good. However, Hostgator needs to acknowledge that there is a definite need for improvement on their service support. Their service support is not at all impressive since they still need to increase the response time.  There are instances reported that their customer waited for almost an hour to speak to an online representative. Good thing, their support staff is knowledgeable and polite.


          • Affordable Pricing
          • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
          • Easy to Use CPanel
          • Green Hosting


          • 24/7 Customer Service but needs faster response time


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          Hostgator has established a good reputation in web hosting since 2002 and have proven that they provide the best services and plans.

          Many customers have reported to be satisfied with their products and services. Overall, Hostgator’s plans seem to be much more flexible than some of the other competitor offerings. Their prices are comparably inexpensive and their deals and packages are of wide range for you to choose depending on your personal or business needs.

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