How to get a custom domain on Tumblr

Created your Tumblr blog and super excited to grow your brand, but don’t know how to get a custom domain on Tumblr?

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Tumblr is a microblogging and social media platform which has penetrated its existence on the internet so much that it hosts more than 221.6 million blogs.

Through Tumblr, you can publish text posts (short or long), photos, links, etc. which can be found through Google (as Google index its posts/pages), unlike other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter whose content is hard to find through Google.

How to get a custom domain on Tumblr

Tumblr is considered an excellent platform for branding your business, whether you want your personal brand to grow or you want to create a portfolio site to show off your skills to the clients.

In this guide, I will show you how to get a custom domain on Tumblr.

Advantages to get a custom domain on Tumblr

Custom domain

Custom domain

Firstly, let’s discuss the advantages to get a custom domain on Tumblr. Here are few of the advantages that you can get with a custom domain:

  1. Your website/blog link will look professional.
  2. You will publicize your name or brand through your domain name instead of publicizing the Tumblr’s name.
  3. You will own the domain name, so you can move to any other blogging platform or hosting server without losing your audience.
  4. You can even hide the Tumblr logo on your Tumblr blog, so readers won’t know that you are using the Tumblr platform.
  5. It is a very cheap way to create your personal homepage, as you only need to spend money in buying the custom domain.

How to get a custom domain on Tumblr

Assuming that you have created your blog on Tumblr, and now wants to get a custom domain on Tumblr. You can get a custom domain through the following steps:

1) Buying / Registrating the domain name

Custom domains

Custom domains

As obvious, you need to buy a domain name from one of the domain registrars. It usually costs around $10-$40 per year (.com is usually the cheapest). We provide the viable domain registration solutions (and reviews on them) in our home page.

Please note that you need to decide your domain name carefully as you might not be able to change the name without registering another domain name.

2) Configuring the DNS

Now you need to configure the DNS in your host records of a domain registrar (such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc.) from which you have bought the domain name.

(Depends on the settings of different domain registrars) In the hosting domain, you need to point A-record (IP address) to and CNAME record to ““.

For GoDaddy:

GoDaddy DNS Configuration

GoDaddy DNS Configuration

For Namecheap:

Namecheap DNS Configuration

Namecheap DNS Configuration

3) Updating the Tumblr blog to use custom domain

In the Dashboard of your Tumblr blog, click the gear icon of settings.

Gear icon on Dashboard of Tumblr

Gear icon on Dashboard of Tumblr

Click the pencil to the right of the Username section.

Pencil Icon on Tumblr's settings

Pencil Icon on Tumblr’s settings

Enable “Use a custom domain” and enter your domain (e.g. .com) or subdomain (e.g.

Edit custom domain on Tumblr's settings

Edit custom domain on Tumblr’s settings

Now click “Test domain” in order to test if you have set-up the DNS correctly.

Once your test is successful, hit “Save”.

Viola! You have configured your Tumblr blog to use the custom domain instead of default domain!

Recommended domain registrar

We personally recommend GoDaddy to get a custom domain on Tumblr. It costs $14.99 / year for .com domain. We also provide hosting promotions and coupons.


What will happen with my old domain (

It will be redirected to your custom domain name (

The custom domain isn’t loading correctly and showing the error.

It might take around 24-72 hours for the DNS changes to take effect, so be patient and have a beer.


In this guide, I have showed you the proper way to get a custom domain on Tumblr. You shouldn’t have any problem now if you have properly followed the guide.

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