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Fatcow was introduced on the online market arena in the late 90’s and has been operating for more than 16 years now. The pressure intensifies as the competition for web hosting companies becomes tighter each year. Despite this, Fatcow successfully became one of the main game players in the field of web hosting.

FatCow services are usually utilized by bloggers and small business owners. In this article, let us go over questions that will cover different aspects of LowCost Hosting Services. Now, let us start the journey from the beginning to where it all began.


FatCow was born in 1998 in Albunquerque, New Mexico where it is still based today. The company serves a huge client based which span over 90 countries globally and operates thousands of websites. The popularity began in 2009. This was when FatCow stood different against competitors by becoming the first ever hosting company to become “Green.” What does that mean? FatCow’s offices and data centers are powered by electricity generated from wind energy.  Unlike any other company from the hosting industry, FatCow’s green practices and wind energy investments make them an exemplar company.

In 2010, FatCow integrated SEO tools into their control panel so web professionals have full access and manipulation to their data or content.

Setting them apart from mainstream had earned them merits. In 2006, they won the Best Shared Host Award. Ever since, the company has received other awards and merits which include: Host of the Year and Low Cost Host of 2009.

Just in 2010, the MBRW Second Semi-Annual Hosting Award merited them for their superb customer service and reliability. Until now, the company keeps on challenging their selves by becoming better and better each year.

With  a glimpse of how FatCow started, let us now change gears and shift directions by answering questions as to why they are worthy of every web master’s consideration.

Is FatCow Reliable?

For a longer and detailed review of FatCow head over to our review of them. FatCow is consistent in optimizing their system to deliver 0% downtime. They aim nothing less but perfection so they try to get better and better every time.

The company’s data centers are connected to high performing machines to ensure 99.9% uptime. They even have emergency generators as a backup plan in cases of blackouts.

The company will also help backup websites using a second server to ensure no data is lost and no downtime.

What Will You Get if You Choose FatCow?

The Original FatCow Plan offers  a one stop solution for every sort of client web based purpose whatever it may be.

The Plan includes the following:

* Free Domain Registration. fatcow

Domain Registration with FatCow is free of charge and it stays that way until you continue hosting with them.

If you switch from another hosting company, FatCow makes the transferring process easy.

FatCow’s domain is free and is for lifetime usage as long as you host with them. It is a great way to start  websites, blogs, or online businesses.

Aside from a lifetime domain name, FatCow also lets you take advantage of their unlimited domain hosting feature. Using FatCow’s control panel, you can easily add domains on to your account and manage multiple domains all at the same time. This is in connection of FatCow’s endeavor to let clients expand their blog or business online.

NOTE: When ordering FatCow web hosting services, you may use FatCow promo codes or exclusive links to deals and avail additional discounts.

* Unlimited Everything

This includes disk storage, bandwidth, and mailboxes. Compared to other web hosting companies, FatCow also does not charge for email address customization, website builder tools, online storing, and advertising credits. These aforementioned features have no incurring charges.

*Affordable Add-on Services

FatCow provides cheap add-ons if you want to your website to be the best out of the rest.

  1. Backup and Restore Feature

FatCow has an automated server-wide backup system where data and files are backed up every day. This saves customers from losing valuable data or content that usually goes to waste when technical problems occur. It also restores important files in times when account was forcefully deleted.

When signing up as a new customer, FatCow adds in a 2 year Carbonite Subscription (up to 2 GB storage) for free.

* SSL Secure Server

SSL certificates secure web hosting services with the highest security possible.

FatCow is putting much effort to ensure customers’ websites are fully secured. One of the ways they do is by giving away shared SSL certificates with their hosting accounts. Customers have the privilege to use the e-commerce features that other web hosting services could not provide.

* SiteLock

FatCow’s Sitelock Security includes a tool that scans for malware (or anything that looks harmful) and automatically removes it.

It also make WordPress a lot more secure and helps prevent hacks. This feature is offered for $1.94 per month.

* Professional SEO Service

FatCow’s group of professionals help in maintaining a strong search engine presence. For other web hosting sites, increasing Google ranking is difficult. But FatCow has made ways to make it easier for their clients. This service is offered for $99 a month.

FactCow also offers free of charge add-on services like web icons, Google credits, one-click website Setup, and Site Builder tools. For more details about these add-on services, you may visit reliable FatCow hosting review articles online.

 * Easy-usability Control Panel

FatCow’s control panel is designed for users of all levels, with or without experience in web developing or web hosting. The software can be installed in a few minutes. This software includes: WordPress, Joomla, GBook, and other famous software.

FatCow also provides useful and straightforward tools that do not require technical knowledge to complete. Users can customize their templates, layout, texts and insert images with a wide choice designs. fatcow_webhosting

Where Can I Get Help With My FatCow Website?

FatCows accounts have full access to 24/7 support staff. These group of representatives are ready to serve when things become difficult for their customers, answer queries regarding their service, and assist with technical issues as well.

Their Chat support service is U.S. based while their phone and chat support are not. FatCow want to eliminate communication barriers with customers living outside the U.S. To ensure excellent service, FatCow gives an additional free month of hosting for those who had bad experiences with their customer support.

What Are FatCow’s Money Back Guarantee Policies?

Customer satisfaction is top priority for FatCow and so they make sure every customer is happy with their services. But they let customers try their service without risking their money.

In an event that a customer finds the service unlikable, he can cancel the plan within the first 30 days of use. A refund of the hosting fees will be given. Add-on services and domain fees are excluded from the refund policy.

Also, take note that the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is only for credit card payments. Other methods of payments are non-refundable at the current time.

If you registered a free domain with FatCow, there is a non-refundable $15 domain fee so you can keep your domain. This fee will cover cost associated to registering the domain. You may keep the domain name after, transfer it, or point it to another registrar.

What is The FatCow Referral Program?

This program includes the steps below:

  1. Telling your friends and associates about FatCow Web Hosting and have them sign up.
  2. Letting them enter your name in the “Who referred you?” field on the online registration form. If they register via phone, have them provide your username or domain name to the representative. With every successful referral, you will get additional account credits.
  3. a successful referral means that your friend has good standing for 30 days. This is the only time FatCow will add a credit to your account.
  4. The credit will be automatically used when you renew your account, upgrade, or additional fees for add on services.

 How to Sign up For FatCow Hosting?

  1. Go to FatCow’s official website.
  2. Click on “Sign Up Now” on the upper right portion of the page.
  3. Fill out the required fields carefully. Make sure the email address is correct. Then click Continue.
  4. Complete Check-out Process.

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