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This is our guide to teach you the way to use any coupon code to make purchase on DreamHost


Best Dreamhost Coupon

$87 off first year Dreamhost: ISITADREAM

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Since you’re reading this, you must be willing to buy the hosting of Dreamhost with the 30% discount coupon. We will show step by step on how to avail your coupon along with a brief review about Dreamhost and its features (for the detailed review visit here).
Dreamhost is serving designers, bloggers, developers and even huge businesses with their brilliant services. Dreamhost is fairly recommended throughout and yes, you can buy it with a 30% discount coupon on every plan.

In this article, I am going to show how you can use our 30% off coupon on any Dreamhost services.

How to use 30% coupon Dreamhost coupon?

The following steps will enable you to buy hosting from Dreamhost at 30% discount:

1) Go to site and choose the hosting service

Visit the site and choose the hosting service for your needs.

Dreamhost Site

2) Create your account

Now, you need to create your account in their site to make purchases. Enter your email address and passwork and click “Continue”.

Dreamhost account

3) Enter domain information

Now enter your domain name if you already have one for domain mapping, else register it from Dreamhost; it would cost around $10-$15. Dreamhost provides one domain for free for a year. We recommend namecheap for buying / registrating domain names.

Dreamhost domain

4) Choose a payment plan

Now, decide whether you want to pay the whole amount all at once or you want to pay per month.

DreamHost plan

5) Enter billing information

Provide information for your billing (i.e., Address, Credit card numbers, etc.); do not make mistakes in it!

Dreamhost payment

6) Enter coupon code and payment info

Now, enter our 30% coupon code in the “Promo code” and provide payment method information.

Dreamhost coupon code

7) Accept the terms and review the cart

Finally, review your order to see if you didn’t make any mistake and click on “Checkout Now!” and wait for the email confirmation which should take less than 24 hours.

Our Video Review on DreamHost

We felt the need to create a video to review on the services of DreamHost, and apparently we are successful in it (don’t you think?).

If you liked the video review or our coupon guide, then please give us a heads-up through comments section below. This will help us A LOT. Any question? Don’t be to shy to ask us!

Our Brief Review on Dreamhost


If you are into blogging, e-commerce or anything that involves the internet, you have probably heard of web hosting and  We have also made a huge review of Dreamhost right here. Web hosting service allows you to make your website accessible via the world wide web. Web hosting works by storing your website files in high-powered computers, known as servers, which are connected to a very fast network. With all the numerous types of web hosting available, it can be too confusing to choose which one is right for you. In this article I will be discussing only two types of hosting services: Shared hosting and VPS hosting. Although, there are other web hosting types that will answer your online needs, like dedicated servers, take into consideration these two options first:

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most common type of web hosting and probably the easiest and the cheapest. This is the most basic  type of web hosting. In shared web hosting, as the name implies, one server is being shared by many customers.  You can easily start with your website through shared hosting. Shared hosting is easy to use primarily because some hosting providers offer predesigned web designs and fundamental options. Those who are new to web hosting will find Shared Hosting to be easy and convenient to use.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting af

  • Most Affordable. Shared web hosting is the most affordable type of hosting. Shared hosting services offers are priced at $5 to $10.
  • No Maintenance. You don’t need to perform technical maintenance on the server when running programs in shared hosting.  Most hosting companies take care of the maintenance and security updates for shared hosting. You can concentrate on your website and on your business leaving the worries of troubleshooting to your service provider.
  • User-friendly. All shared hosting providers offer their services with user-friendly web-based control panel that will make it easy for you to upload files, images and other data to your site for customization. The control panel also helps you check on the statistics of your website. You can also create email accounts, a database.
  • Time Efficient. Shared hosting saves time because the server maintenance will be handled by the hosting service provider.
  • Customer Support. You will still receive customer support from your provider with shared hosting.
  • Blazing Speed. When combined with Cloudflare you will not only have a super low response time. You will also have much higher security and Ddos protection

Disadvantages of shared web hosting

  • Limited resources. The biggest problem with shared web hosting is having limited resources. If your website is new, you will likely expect less traffic. However, if you are anticipating your website to increase its traffic, you might want to consider other hosting options. Since you are sharing only one server resources, if a website becomes busy, all the other sites on that server will slow down.
  • Restricted apps and programs. Another downside of shared hosting is not being able to install modules and programs on the server. Since the server is maintained by the hosting provider, some programs and modules that you need in your website may not be installed
  • Less Customization. With shared hosting, your website customization is only limited to what your service provider can give you.

If you think you website is running slow, you probably need a different type of web hosting that will provide your website needs. Shared web hosting type are more suitable for website beginners with the purpose of personal blogging, static business websites and other websites that expect less traffic. For your shared web hosting needs, DreamHost has their shared hosting plan starting at $8.95 per month.


Best Dreamhost Coupon

$87 off first year at Dreamhost for any plan!

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VPS Hosting vps-hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This hosting allows you to have your own resources. This means you can have your own share of the system resources in which you alone can have access to. Unlike the Shared hosting in which all resources like RAM, CPU are shared, VPS hosting guarantees that your share of the system resources are yours alone. This will guarantee your website to perform much better. Moreover, VPS allows you to upgrade your plan to support your growing needs. This hosting plan is best for websites that are expecting moderate to large amount of traffic.
Advantages of VPS Hosting

  • More Flexible. VPS provides more flexibility to your hosting needs. From a range of VPS hosting plans available, you can select the amount of CPU/RAM that you need for your website’s functionality. Also, providers offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space for VPS plans.
  • One of the main advantages of VPS hosting is the ability to give you complete control over the hosting environment as you would get in a dedicated hosting server packages but without the cost. You also don’t need to worry on configuring and restarting your servers primarily because you are the one hosting and running the server.
  • More access to apps and programs. You can now install applications and programs to your website with convenience and ease.
  • Better Performance. Virtual Private Servers can guarantee that you get the most reliable speed you want for your website. Unlike shared hosting where most websites face low speeds and downtime due to its limited resources, VPS has better performance since you are not sharing the RAM, CPU or any other resources with other users.
  • Truly, VPS hosting is more expensive than Shared hosting, however, it is priced much lower than Dedicated servers and you still get almost the same features with dedicated servers.
  • Privacy and Security. Privacy and security are high in VPS servers because you are leasing directly from the hosting provider.
  • Disadvantages of VPS Hosting
  • Limited Resources. VPS hosting has also limited resources and features. In VPS hosting, you will be allotted with different features depending on the package that you choose.
  • VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting.
  • Require Technical Skills. VPS hosting requires technical skills since you will be working on your own server resources. You need to know more about installing the softwares you need, the software patches, maintaining the server and updating the website.
  • Greater Responsibility. Running a VPS gives you the sole responsibility to run the server yourself. So if you have problems with anything that is installed in your VPS, your host provider may not be able to help you.

If you are expecting for an increase in traffic in your website in the future, and you wish to have more control on the applications that you need for your website, VPS is perfect for your business. It may require more funds for you to shed out, but this is not something that you have to worry about. With DreamHost, you can choose from their VPS packages and get discounts when you use DreamHost coupon codes.

What is better: Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting?

Before choosing between Shared web hosting or VPS Hosting, it is better that you set your priorities and needs. Try to predict the future needs of your website. If one of your goals is to attract more customers or users to your website, you might need to have VPS hosting because of its flexibility to be upgraded to bigger resources.

However, if you only wish to keep a website for personal blogging, or if you predict that your website will not have more traffic in the future, you can choose Shared hosting. Plus, it will be less costly on your part  than getting a VPS Hosting plan.

Dream Host Shared Web Hosting and VPS

If you are looking for a hosting service provider to host your own website, run a WordPress Blog, establish an online business, make you design portfolios, check on DreamHost. They have different packages for each type.

Their Shared plan starts at $8.95 per month which includes 1 free .com, .net, .org, or .info domain. They offer unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, domain registration and email accounts.  They also offer 1 click WordPress installation on the shared web hosting. So, if you are planning to put up a blog site. Check on their packages.

On the other hand, their VPS plan starts at $15 per month. They provide the same unlimited features stated above plus a 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7 technical support. All of their VPS packages include SSD storage that range from 30GB to 240GB, web based control panel, IPv6 support, and optional root access. Both plans offer 100% uptime guarantee and 97 day money back guarantee. You may visit their website to see their plans and packages.

Although we agree that their prices seem to be high, you do not need to worry about it. Our DreamHost coupons can be used to avail great discounts (30% is HUGE if you buy many services at first time) on their products and services; You will be getting more than what you are paying for! So, why not use our great coupon for your purchases? Just make sure to put in DreamHost promo codes on your purchases.

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