Changing WordPress fonts selectively – Using the font plugin to use web fonts

There are countless WordPress themes out there and with sufficient knowledge of CSS editing them seems like eating a piece of cake. Then there are a lot of themes which allow you to customize the font by default without any need of CSS or other programming languages.

But not all theme developers take their user’s desires into account and you’ll find that most of the themes available for free have a relatively low amount of customization options. The theme named customizr is a completely different story however as the developer has allowed customization of nearly everything with the free version of the theme, it’s one of the highest rated themes on WordPress’ theme directory.

So what can you do when your theme doesn’t allow customization?

The power of plugins

One of the most powerful theme customization plugin is called “Font – the official web fonts plugin” it allows people with next to no knowledge of development languages to customize the looks of their website. Let’s install it first.

WordPress Add new plugin

Go to your dashboard and hover over the Plugins button, a menu will pop up to the right. Click on the Add New button and you’ll find yourself on the Add new plugin page.

WordPress - Search font plugin

Search with the keyword “Font” in the search bar, found under the top right corner of this page.

WordPress - Install font pluginClick on the “Install now” button next to the correct plugin, say Ok if asked.

WordPress - Activate font pluginActivate the plugin so that it can get to work.

To use this plugin; simply go to a page on your website and click the font settings button in the top bar. After clicking it, simply select the text you want to alter, give it a name and the various font settings available to you will show up at the top of the screen.

You can also install the plugin by downloading it directly from the WordPress’ website, you can find the plugin page over here. Simply download the .zip file and follow the steps on our “How to install a WordPress plugin” guide, it can be found over here.

Using the plugin

Go to the page where you want to alter a text to use a custom font. You’ll see something like this; a new font settings button.

WordPress - Use font plugin

Upon clicking the button, an element like this will be seen near the top left corner of your website.

 WordPress - Font plugin hover elementClick this.

WordPress - Using font plugin to change title fontWordPress - Font plugin, naming elementThen click the text you want to use custom font or styles on. Simply hovering over it will allow you to see the scope of the selection. Here, we edit the site title. Click on the title and then give it a name so that it’s saved near the top left of your website; for easy access next time.

WordPress - Font plugin options

WordPress - font plugin result

You’ll see that your top toolbar has been altered and is not composed of different options all of which alter your font style in one way or another.

Editing your theme

Another method involves using the customize theme options available in most themes or editing the CSS files of the theme itself. We go through in detail about how to do both of them in our guide “How to edit a WordPress theme“, highly recommended for people with basic knowledge of CSS or for those using customizable themes.

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