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Bluehost Web Hosting

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          • - Lot of Free Features for Less
          • - Bluehost has 24/7 customer support
          • - Easy-to-use cPanel
          • - Automatic installations for CMS
          • - High Server Performance.


          • - Customer Support, though readily available, is slow response wise.
          • - Claims to have 99.9% up time, but still some people complain about frequent down time.
          • - Customized cPanel will be difficult to navigate for those who are used to the standard design.

          This is our honest review on the services of BlueHost. We only recommend those products which we personally use and enjoy.

          I was searching the internet for the procedure to install a self-hosted WordPress on a hosting server (it was before I didn’t know about hosting companies) and then something came in front of me: BlueHost is a recommended by WordPress for their installation.

          If you are like me who is interested in creating your website to increase your online presence or you want your personal blog, then chances are you often find yourself in a confusion or a block while deciding the best hosting service provider you need for your website. It makes sense, and we sympathize with your situation, because there are the countless providers on the internet, and all are claiming to provide better services with confidence (every provider can’t be good!).

          Getting a web hosting plan and setting a website is very vital task and takes A LOT of consideration. For instance, you need to think about the best value for your money, the tools and services that you need to set up your online presence or expanding your existing site. You need to look into the plan’s flexibility, functionality and customer service support.

          In this article, we are going to review BlueHost’s entire feature. We hope that you find it useful, but nevertheless we allow comments on our website, so what are you waiting for?

          Our Video Review – Why shoud I use Bluehost for hosting my website?

          We felt the need to create a video to review on the services of Bluehost. If you have any question about it, then ask in the comments section below!

          Our Review of BlueHost

          Web hosting companies play an important role in a website’s success. These companies help websites become readily available to online visitors at anytime. But this dilemma arises: with the growing number of companies offering various plans, which one is the best? Finding a service with a blend of good price, features, services and support is challenging. One can seek out the advices from accomplished bloggers or search over the internet to help narrow down the long list.

          Along the search, one may stumble into the renowned company named Bluehost – one of the largest web hosts with more than 1.9 million hosted domains. We are going to drill down Bluehost’ services. It aims to provide good information onto readers and help beginners make good decisions. Reading through Bluehost review will give you an idea on what the company is capable of providing you.

          Blue Host review

          Bluehost Shared Hosting Services

          Ever since 1996, Bluehost has built a strong reputation in the business. Their skilled team comprised of internet professionals strive for excellence by continuously working on upgrading and innovating their service. No wonder, they have been called one of the oldest and largest providers with an extensive client base which includes famous web giants. There has been a numerous Bluehost review on the internet stating the performance of the company.

          Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

          Bluehost offers three kinds of plans: (1) starter, (2) plus, and (3) business pro. The plan is categorized and based on the privileges and features it gives to users. Let’s briefly discuss each plans’ inclusions to help determine which best suits your needs:

          Starter  – is priced at $3.95 a month, one can have one website with storage space of 100 GB; unlimited bandwidth; host one domain and 25 sub domains; have up to 100 E-mail accounts with 500 MB E-mail storage; and extra $50 marketing credit.

          Plus –  The most popular plan which is priced at $5.95 a month. With this plan, one has several unlimited features that includes hard disk space, E-mail accounts, domains and sub domains; and a maximum of $200 marketing credits (over $24 a year in extras), plus other additional features. This is highly recommended for starters since pricing is reasonable.

          Business Pro –    As you progress, a need to upgrade will take place. The Pro plan offers impressive features, like automatic data backup, 24/7 technical support, free offers up to $200, unlimited email accounts and quality service. All this for only $13.95 a month!

          When comparing the plans offered by Bluehost, it is quite clear that upgrading to business Pro is worth the cost. With an additional of a few dollars every month, you can boosts your website’s speed and improve bandwidth power. Studies have shown that internet users would not go to websites that would take them 15 seconds to open . So the faster your site opens, the more users would come to check it out.  Truly, the pro package s worth the investment!

          Bluehost Shared Hosting Features

          • Unlimited Storage Space for Website
          • Unlimited E-mail Accounts and Space
          • Free Domain
          • Ability to host unlimited domains and sub domains
          • Automatic Site-builder with templates
          • Free advertising Credits of upto $200

          You can’t please anyone. Bluehost understands this fact and respects the costumers’ rights, so they implement a money back guarantee policy. Since Bluehost values their customers very much, they have built a team dedicated to assist them in their every need.

          Customer Support from Bluehost

          Bluehost has a huge number of clients and each has their concerns and needs. To attend to all of their concerns, Bluehost has a great support staff willing to assist in fixing both technical and non-technical issues, experienced during the use of their service. New clients can also address their questions to them through live chat or phone support.

          To understand the benefits and disadvantages of using Bluehost, let us discuss it’s advantages and disadvantages based on usage. This will greatly help in weighing down your decision.


          • Lot of Free Features for Less – Starting at $3.95 / month, one can have the Bluehost experience. It includes unlimited features such as domain registration and storage space, file transfer and email account. Let us not forget the free bonuses such as domain name, site builder, integrated set up and up to $200 credits on all major advertising channels. This is really value for your money!
          • Clientele Support – Bluehost has 24/7 customer support that is ready to address every question, issue or other service related concern customers have. The company also offers clients to return their money (within 45 days of usage) when they are unsatisfied with the service.
          • Incomparable Services – These include easy-to-use cPanel; automatic installations for CMS; and high Server Performance.


          • Customer Support, though readily available, is quite slow response wise.
          • Bluehost claims to have 99.9% uptime, however, some people complain about frequent down time. This is mostly experienced through their re-seller accounts.
          • The customized cPanel can be difficult to navigate for those who are used to the standard design.

          Final Thoughts

          Bluehost is arguably one of the best hosting providers, because of its unique packages, 99.9% uptime and best of all, they are recommended by WordPress! If you search for its reviews on the internet, then you will realize that most people find satisfacton with their services. They are also in our list of top 10 hosting companies.

          Any question? Ask us and we will help!

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          Entering the world wide web, as first timers, may be at many points daunting. It requires important decisions to make that affect the success of your blog or website. This includes choosing the best web hosting company that can cater all your needs. It is wise to gather enough information from reviews such as this article, to balance everything. Remember, that the important factors to consider are price, features, services and support. May this article help you in any way possible, make that important decision.

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