Comparison Of The Best Web Hosting Companies 2015

Disk Space
Control Panel
Site Builder
Site Statistics
File Manager
Unlimited Mailboxes
FTP Manager
a-small-orange$2.00Rating45 GB500 MBtick2tick2tick2tick2tick2tick2A Small Orange30%
bluehost$3.45Rating4Unlimited100 GBtick2tick2tick2tick2false2tick2Bluehost 30%
inmotion$4.89Rating3UnlimitedUnlimitedtick2tick2false2tick2tick2false2In Motion30%
IX_web_hosting$6.95Rating3UnlimitedUnlimitedtick2tick2tick2tick2false2tick2IX Web Hosting30%
godaddy-logoz$11.49Rating2Unlimited100 GBtick2false2tick2tick2false2tick2GoDaddy30%
networksolutionsz$12.95Rating3Unlimited300 GBtick2tick2tick2tick2false2tick2Network Solutions30%

Why create a website?

Over half a billion of websites are on the internet today. Some are personal websites, while others are blog of different niches. You may need to create a website to grow your personal brand, or if you want to do blogging. If you’ve decided to add up to this increasing number and want to create a blog or website, either for making money or for whatever purpose it may serve you, the first thing you need is a hosting server.

Which service provider is the best?

You can easily find several server providers by searching on Google, but there are actually thousands and thousands of them. Of course, you would not want to waste your time in reviewing all of them one-by-one.  That is why we have carefully listed the top ten service providers for your convenience. With, you’ll be able to figure out which one suits you.

Which hosting company is best for my site?

You probably might think based on the table that not all of these companies are alike. They mainly differ on price, bandwidth, disk space, features, and tools. But before making up your mind which service to buy, think carefully of what are your needs. Some have affordable plans, but have limited bandwidth and storage capacity, while others guarantee high performance for quite an expense. Others have customized cPanel where others have standard ones. Not to mention a choice of having Linux or Windows. With all these differing offers, it all boils down to what you REALLY need.

Reliable service is an integral part of creating a web page. A web service provider is the major step in how your web page is delivered to your customers. Your customers want the ability to access every part of your web page any time of the day or night. Consider why web website hosting service is one of the most crucial web page choices you will make. By understanding what website hosts mean by what they say, you’ll be able to choose which service provider and plan best matches your needs.

Price is the aspect most of us will look at first when selecting a service provider; however, it shouldn’t be the determining aspect. When you see price variations, it’s necessary to keep in mind the old saying that we get what we pay for. Moving on the most affordable offer you see isn’t actually the best idea, especially if you depend on your site to earn money.

It’s a proven fact that not all web servers are right for all different types of clients. Some provide excellent distributed plans but don’t have alternatives that are excellent for growing businesses, while others have excellent business alternatives but aren’t the right fit for someone with a small recipe weblog. Look into a company’s specialty before you buy, and go with one that is aware of your particular needs as a client.

Take a good look at your website and determine what you want it to do. If you’re expecting to host a blog, an e-commerce website, rich content, and video clips, then you shouldn’t go with the most affordable internet hosting service program you can find. A cheap internet hosting service plan probably won’t have the RAM, handling power, and hard drive space to provide all these needs, and you’ll eat up more time working with downtime or loading issues than you would like.

We are here for you!

There are a lot of website hosting providers out there. It’s essential to decide on a host company properly since your company will be relying on it. Do your homework.


hostgator webhostingarvixe web hosting
$3.96 at HostGator$4.00 at Arvixe
One of the most famous providers, HostGator offers a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee as well as affordable pricing to their services. These are just some of the excellent features that HostGator provides their clients. To learn more about them, click here…One of Arvixe’s unique offers is the free domain for life, which is a huge advantage if you are planning to keep your website up as long as possible. Their customer support lacks quality though which to some, is a deal breaker. To know more about their services, click here…
justhost webhostingSmall Orange web hosting
JustHost A Small Orange
$5.99 at JustHost$5.00 at A Small Orange
JustHost is not your run of the mill provider. With that being said, it is also not for everyone. JustHost is ideal for personal websites because if it’s smaller scope of services provided. Competitive prices attract more bloggers than companies. Know more about JustHost here…A Small Orange, a small scale provider that offers several different packages that will fit any need, from small scale businesses to full scale corporations. One of its strong qualities is its excellent customer service. To know more about A Small Orange, read the full review here…
Blue Hostdreamhost
$3.95 at Bluehost$8.95 at DreamHost
Free Features for a fraction of a cost is what makes Bluehost more appealing to most customers. Their servers are also one of the most high performing ones in the industry today. To read more of the review, click here…Dreamhost boasts of affordable pricing and money back guarantee in its packages. Not many have this type of guarantee which makes DreamHost unique. With DreamHost, you can almost always count on your website being up, as they almost always never experience down time. Read the full review here…
ipage hostingsiteground web hosting
$10.99 at iPage$14.95 at SiteGround
iPage has unlimited bandwidth and disk space included in their packages, as well as basic shopping cart tools which you seldom find in other providers. The downside to what they offer is that they lack advanced features to customize your website. Read more on the review here…Siteground’s guarantee to its clients of a 99.9% server is truly eye catching. The only drawback to its great services is the limited disk space they offer. To read the full review, click here…
GoDaddyNetwork Solutions
$11.49 at GoDaddy$12.95 at Network Solutions
Go Daddy arguably has the best customer service. This is what sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Want to know what else they have to offer? Click here to find out more about Go Daddy…Network Solutions offers unlimited disk space and spam protection which is pretty unique in the industry. Although its customer support doesn’t really win any awards, Network Solutions is still one of the leading providers in the industry. Click here to read more…
InMotion HostingIX WebHosting
$7.99 at In Motion Hosting$6.95 at IX Webhosting
In Motion offers great plans aside from its great customer service, which is a huge upside. The only drawback is that their plans are pricier than others. And they also have limited domains available. Learn more about In Motion here…IX Webhosting is for those who really know what they are doing. Their packages include a dedicated IP address to all clients. Their complicated control panel interface though is not for everyone. Click here to learn more about their services…
$3.00 at FatCow
FatCow doesn’t let their server limitations out shadow their quality as a good provider. What sets them apart from other web hosting providers is the additional features they provide. To find out what those features are, click here… has 4,9/5 stars based upon 2513 For best hosting Reviews